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Advice for Finding A Job In A Difficult Economy!

First ~ do not give up!
In today’s job market there is a lot of competition. Your resume could be one out of five hundred submitted for inquiry to an ad. Do not be discouraged if after sending a dozen or more resumes you do not receive a response. Employers/recruiters do not have the time to respond to everyone. Use all the resources you have — recruiters, internet job sites, friends, organizations you belong to — let everyone know you are seeking employment. And follow up after sending your resume to make sure they have received it. Don’t hesitate to call an employer if they have listed their phone #. Persistence will pay off eventually.

Second ~ make sure your resume stands out!
Bold type your name, address, phone, etc. and make sure the print is readable. Also, bold type the names of the companies you have worked for with a contrasting type for the job title. Your resume can be two pages but longer than that is discouraged. Be clear in describing the responsibilities of each position you have held. Always use spell check! A cover letter can outline what type of position you are seeking and why.

Third ~ if you are fortunate to receive a call regarding your resume, call the employer/recruiter back immediately.
Schedule an appointment and make sure you are on time. Try not to cancel and reschedule — by that time the position could be filled and you have missed your chance to interview for it.

Fourth ~ arrive on time for your appointment.
Dress professionally even if you are only meeting with the recruiter. Avoid a too casual look — no jeans, not a lot of jewelry, no perfume or heavy smelling hair spray, no hats, no low-cut tops or too tight fitting clothes, etc. Do not carry a water bottle or coffee with you. If asked to complete an application, do so with a smile. Greet the receptionist with some pleasantries. First impression is so important!

Fifth ~ hopefully you will impress the interviewer and have the right qualifications for the position for which you are applying.
If tests are required, do the best that you can. Have a list of references prepared that can verify your past employment.

Sixth ~ follow up your interview with a thank you note (e-mail is acceptable).
If you do not hear from the recruiter in a few days, follow up with a phone call. For the time you spent going for the interview, the interviewer/recruiter owes you an answer. If you are not being considered for the position, ask the interviewer to hold on to your resume for another career opportunity. Also, ask if it would be all right to check back periodically as to the status of your resume. You could do this via e-mail every few weeks as a friendly reminder that you are still seeking employment.