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What We Do

Helping You Make the Right Hiring Decision
At MS Recruiting Services, we understand your employees are your most valuable asset. That’s why it’s imperative that we are thorough in our search to align you with only the right candidates. We don’t want you to make a hasty hiring decision.

Our hands-on approach to learning about your corporate culture includes consulting with you at your office, before we begin our recruitment search. Our first step is to gather all the detailed information about the job, your department and the organization. We learn why the position is open, what the job entails, and the type of person you think would be most successful. In addition, you can rely on us to help you establish a salary range and benefit package.

When we have a clear idea of your needs and expectations, we access our extensive database of potential candidates. Our database reflects years of networking with clients, industry contacts and applicants.

We perform an in-depth evaluation of every potential candidate and are very selective in the interviewing process. We want to match their goals with your goals and feel they have a true understanding of the job.

Using Effective Tools in the Hiring Process
We respect your time, so before we ask you to take the time to meet a candidate, that individual must first meet our criteria for employment.

We begin the recruiting process by screening all candidates over the telephone. If a candidate passes the telephone interview, we meet with him or her personally. During the personal interview, we evaluate the candidate’s personal presentation, references, honesty on the application form, educational background and work history.

In addition, every candidate must meet our skill-testing standards. To guarantee the candidate has the skills you need, we require each candidate to pass a series of tests designed to measure computer, clerical and writing skills. We test computer skills using the most current software packages. We can also customize tests for you.

So next time you’re hiring, to get the results you are seeking, in the easiest possible way, hire us first!

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